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29 Nov

FUTA TAX Some employers will pay higher FUTA taxes in CA and NY. Both states have been unable to pay back loans taken from the federal government used to pay unemployment benefits. For both states this equates into a .9% additional tax or $63 per employee for tax year 2013. FORM 5498 Trustees will have […]

Annual Newsletter for 2012

01 Jan

Dear Friends and Valued Clients: Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals on their World Series victory! At this writing Bay area residents are nervously watching the 49ers who are playoff (and Super Bowl?) bound. Sadly we lost Steve Jobs , Harry Morgan from Mash, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Andy Rooney, Al Davis of the Raiders, Amy […]

Defining Financial Terms

17 Nov

(This article was acquired from the San Mateo County Times) Seasoned and beginning investors alike can be confused by financial jargon. Hone your financial literacy with this mini-glossary. Operating cash flow: This is money generated from the company’s business operations. Companies can also make money by selling off parts of themselves or via investments they […]

Client Letter: Final Regulations on Employee Stock Option

05 Jan

Dear Client: The IRS has finalized, with modifications, proposed regulations providing guidance on stock options granted under an employee stock purchase plan. The IRS has also issued final regulations relating to corporate employers’ return and notification requirements for employee stock options. Under final regulations, a plan must meet certain requirements to qualify as an employee […]