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30+ Years of Experience


Tax Prep is offered to small businesses and individuals. Combined with sophisticated software and 30+ years of tax expertise, individuals and companies are provided with excellent service whether it's amending returns, bookkeeping, tax planing for the next season and quarterly filings.


Understanding your business, anticipating problems and providing effective solutions to help you achieve your goals is my priority. Whether on the phone or face-to-face, we sit and discuss tax strategies to maximize your business efforts and reduce your liabilities. *This service is unavailable during tax season*


Knowing, understanding and organizing the finances of your business is imperative to your financial goals. Setting up systems, payroll services, bookkeeping and budgeting are a mere sampling of the necessary tools needed to help a business succeed.
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Sal is the best!
Nothing more, nothing less!
Would trust him with my life, if I need to.
Great CPA, great person, and no false pretenses.
A saving grace in this crazy world.

Sharp, Polite, and Fast….In a nutshell he’s the real deal. Amazing service. I’m a commercial photographer and it’s been difficult to find someone I can truly trust and feel has total control of the situation.

Sal’s been a wonderful CPA.  He clearly runs his business with real heart.  He always tries his best to find the best deductions for my business.  When I was having financial difficulty, he asked me how I am managing.  […]

We worked with Sal to file our taxes.  Working with him was easy and fast.  By the end of our meeting, we were ready to file.

On a side note, we used TurboTax for years, and if you’re single and rent, its certainly the way to go […]

✮✮✮✮✮ Sal is AMAZING !!! We are second generation in my family that use Sal.  My husbands parents went to him for years and we started using him more than 15 years ago.  Sal is always professional and really breaks down the tax laws so that it’s easy to understand. […]

✮✮✮✮✮ Sal is the BEST!!!  Amazing service, efficient and best of all – he is pleasant to work with. I will definitely be back to see him next year!. […]