In 2002 I had all but given up hope that I’d recover from 6 years of unpaid business taxes. On the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Sal. Within the next three filing periods Sal not only rectified the situation but did so at a fraction of what the IRS initially demanded from me. Sal has been my tax hero ever since.

Till K. 10/24/2019

Sal is the best!
Nothing more, nothing less!
Would trust him with my life, if I need to.
Great CPA, a great person, and has no false pretenses.
A saving grace in this crazy world.

R.S. 1/4/2013

Sharp, Polite, and Fast….In a nutshell, he’s the real deal. Amazing service. I’m a commercial photographer and it’s been difficult to find someone I can truly trust and feel has total control of the situation.

Will V. 8/29/2013

Sal’s been a wonderful CPA. He clearly runs his business with a real heart. He always tries his best to find the best deductions for my business.

Erika H. 5/5/2012

We worked with Sal to file our taxes. Working with him was easy and fast. By the end of our meeting, we were ready to file.

Devin P. 3/9/2015